About the Project

The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in partnership with the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) is implementing the Disaster Risk Management and Institutional Strengthening (DRMIS) Project. The DRMIS Project is funded through a grant from the European Union’s Asia Investment Facility. The Project aims to contribute in building the capacity and strengthen the role of the DILG and selected LGUs in disaster preparedness (DP). It aims to improve DILG’s DP management capacity including the delivery of local disaster risk reduction services and strengthening of LGUs’ mandate on disaster preparedness.

This Technical Assistance (TA) will strengthen the operationalization of the following: pre-disaster phase (prevention, mitigation and preparedness); preparedness for relief and rescue; and preparedness for post-disaster (damage assessment and reporting).

Summary of Target Outcomes
The TA is expected to improve risk management capacity and delivery of DRRM services by DILG. The project outcomes will be realized by the achievement of the following key outputs of the Project:

  • DILG capacity on DRRM and DRR performance management strengthened, Component 1;
  • DPA system enhanced and field tested, Component 2; and
  • LGUs are capacitated to perform DP mandates, Component 1.

These make up the three components of the project, with each one reinforcing the other to attain the project bottomline of catalyzing and realizing the development of a culture of disaster preparedness among the DILG, LGUs and local communities.

three components of drmis

project outputs