Component One

DILG Capacity on DRRM and DRR Performance Management Strengthened

Building the capacity of the DILG offices involved in DRR/CCA is necessary to improve the quality of technical assistance services they provide to LGUs on disaster preparedness.

The main deliverables for Component 1 are:

  • Competency assessment tool on DRR and performance audit and management
  • Pre- and Post- competency profile of DILG staff involved in CCA/DRR program
  • Competency Development plans for DRR and performance audit and management
  • Training modules and coaching/ mentoring plan for DPA field test
  • Progress and evaluation reports on the component

Approach and Methods

The TA will prepare the CAPB roadmap defining target audience, establishing competency framework, and assessment and plan.

The CAPB and DPA assistance to be provided by the DRMIS Project will focus on the governance aspects of DRRM rather than the scientific aspects of natural hazards. However, on the DRRM planning assistance to LGUs, the ecosystem-based planning (i.e., river basin or watershed) approach will be adopted by the DRMIS.

The over-all approach and methodology to be adopted for capacity-building program will use a ‘demand and supply’ side provision of services.

Demand will be a determination of competencies and capacities/skills required for DILG and LGUs with respect to their respective DRR mandates particularly under DRRM Act.25 In the case of the DILG, it will also be determined by its core mandates as stated under Executive Order 262 or the Re-organisation of DILG and DILG’s Outcome Framework for CCA-DRR.

On the supply side, this will be focused on the identification and review of service providers -- key agencies,
groups, institutions and other bodies that deliver and provide technical assistance/capacity building services related to CCA-DRR. It will also involve the review of existing/current training programs and modules/tools and the development of ‘new’ ones.

A key principle in the approach and methodology for Component 1 and 3 will be to establish clear “ownership” and “buy in” by key actors and players --- DILG, LGUs, LSPs and relevant agencies (i.e. OCD) of the processes and outputs/recommendations delivered under each Component.