Component Two

Disaster Preparedness Audit System Enhanced

Reviewing and formulating the competency requirements and enhancement programs of DILG for DRRM and DRR Performance Management is a critical work and output of Component 2. This serves as the basis for the development of the proposed national LGU DP Audit system.

The main deliverables for Component 2 are:

  • Draft DP performance assessment framework and policy (memoranda, etc.)
  • DPA field test design and evaluation report
  • DPA manual containing the revised assessment framework, performance measures, tools, and operational or audit management arrangements
  • Compendium of LGU disaster preparedness profile of target LGUs
  • DPA portal/ website and analytic database
  • DPA manual for nationwide application covering pre-selected LGUs and evaluation report
  • Nationwide application results and findings including LGU profiles

Approach and Methods

Component 2 will conduct an intensive review of the existing DPA criteria and indicators for typhoon and landslides for further refinements based on the lessons learned and experience gained by the implementing staff of the DILG. Also, an appropriate set of criteria and minimum standards for disaster preparedness for additional hazards, specifically for earthquake, landslide and storm surge, will be formulated.

The methods to be employed under Component 2 include: interviews of key resources persons from concerned institutions such as DILG and its central and regional offices, OCD, CCC, MGB, PhiVolcs and selected LGUs. Initial results of proposed DPA system, criteria and minimum standards, training packages will be subjected to consultation workshops with the institutional stakeholders.